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Fluent Support Pro Free Download v1.7.90 (Nulled)

Navigating the world of customer support can be daunting, but the advent of Fluent Support Pro free download offers a glimmer of hope for those operating on WordPress. This tool is not just a mere support ticket plugin; it’s a comprehensive, self-hosted customer support solution. Let’s delve deeper into its features and functionalities.

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Free Download

Fluent Support Pro Nulled positions itself as a versatile and feature-loaded help desk and support plugin for WordPress. It directly rivals SAAS giants like Zendesk, Helpscout, and FreshDesk, aiming to provide equivalent premium features, all while being nestled within the familiar environment of WordPress.

Key Features:

  1. All-in-One Customer Support Solution: Centralize all customer queries, track responses, and manage additional customer data and notes within a unified system.
  2. Multi-Channel Support: Cater to customer queries from various channels such as contact forms, ticketing forms, emails, or even remote websites.
  3. Customer Portal: Customers have the convenience to raise tickets directly from your website, view their tickets, and even respond via unique signed secure links.
  4. Ticket Segmentation and Reporting:
    • Segment tickets by product for better organization.
    • Allows priority setting by both customers and admin/support agents.
    • Inbuilt system to add internal notes to tickets.
    • Detailed reports on agent performance and customer queries.
  5. Built-in Productivity Tools: Respond to multiple similar tickets simultaneously, auto-close old tickets, quickly modify customer information, or append notes for later reference.
  6. Optimized for Speed & Productivity: Built on VueJS & REST API as a Single Page Application, Fluent Support Pro promises swift and responsive interactions, further augmented by a user-friendly UX.


  • Versatility: With its myriad of features, it matches the functionalities of other premium SAAS solutions, making it a feasible alternative for those who are more WordPress-inclined.
  • Self-Hosted Nature: Being self-hosted implies more control over the data and system, eliminating limitations often seen in third-party hosted solutions.
  • Ease of Use: Its seamless integration into the WordPress ecosystem means that existing WordPress users can easily adapt without steep learning curves.
  • Cost-Effective: Given that it is a self-hosted solution, users might find significant cost savings in the long run compared to recurring SAAS fees.
Free Download

Fluent Support Pro free download emerges as a comprehensive solution for WordPress website owners looking to enhance their customer support infrastructure. It offers a blend of essential features and functionalities that make it a formidable contender in the customer support segment. For businesses that prioritize speed, efficiency, and centralized management, Fluent Support Pro GPL could be an ideal choice.


= 1.7.90 (DATE: May 28, 2024) =

  • Added – Activity Trends by Time of Day (Pro)
  • Added – Integration with Fluent Boards (Pro)
  • Added – Integrations Logs
  • Added – Upload ticket attachments to their respective ticket folders in Google Drive, organized accordingly (Pro)
  • Added – Duplicate or clone workflows (Pro)
  • Added – Required option in product field (Pro)
  • Fixed – If the site language is not set to English, the workflow always defaults to manual mode
  • Fixed – Inbox identifier css issue in all tickets table
  • Fixed – If anyone choose View dashboard and draft_reply then it will not show any tickets
  • Fixed – Freshdesk ticket migration issue
  • Fixed – Zendesk ticket migration issue
  • Fixed – Clicking the “Import Tickets” button in the ticket migration module opens multiple modals simultaneously
  • Fixed – Issue with Bookmark
  • Fixed – When the file name is too long, the file will not upload during ticket creation or in responses
  • Fixed – If a restriction is applied to a specific business box, it still appears on the dashboard
  • Fixed – MemberPress integration to show separate lists for recurring and non-recurring subscriptions
  • Fixed – The WooCommerce widget is not shown on the ‘View Customer’ page

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