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Jixic (v1.7) Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme Free Download

WordPress theme that combines artistry with functionality. Jixic embodies a bridge between imagination and realization, making it the optimal platform for illustrators, photographers, freelancers, and architects. Through its seamless integration with the Elementor page builder, it offers an unparalleled design experience.

Free Download

Jixic Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme Free Download stands apart as a theme designed with a focus on showcasing creativity without compromise. While there are countless themes available, few harmonize minimalism, efficiency, and artistic flair as Jixic does. It’s crafted for those who seek to present their work with an air of professionalism, intertwined with a unique character.


  1. Elementor Integration: Jixic seamlessly integrates with the Elementor page builder, one of the most esteemed tools in the WordPress ecosystem. This synergy grants users the freedom to craft their portfolios with precision, molding every detail to their vision.
  2. Efficient Content Management: With Jixic Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme Nulled, content isn’t just managed; it’s sculpted. Elementor’s intuitive interface empowers users to control their layout and content with unparalleled ease, ensuring that each portfolio resonates with its creator’s essence.
  3. Exclusive Elementor Add-ons: Jixic’s built-in Elementor add-ons are a testament to its commitment to delivering an exceptional design experience. These add-ons, tailored for Jixic, ensure that designers have a rich palette of tools at their disposal, transforming the page building process from a chore into an art.
  4. Optimized for Creative Showcase: At its core, Jixic Free Download is a beacon for creativity. Its design, which champions clean lines, minimalistic aesthetics, and outstanding galleries, ensures that every project, photograph, or illustration is displayed in its full glory.
  5. Tailored for Professionals: Jixic isn’t just a theme; it’s a platform for professional growth. Whether you’re an illustrator seeking to mesmerize with your sketches, a photographer aiming to capture moments in their purest form, or an architect wishing to display blueprints of envisioned marvels, Jixic sets the stage for you.
  6. Speed and User Experience: In a digital age defined by immediacy, Jixic ensures that user experience isn’t sacrificed. Pages load swiftly, responsiveness is a given, and every interaction on a Jixic-powered site is a delight, not a duty.
Free Download

Jixic Nulled reimagines what a portfolio can be. It isn’t just about showcasing work; it’s about telling stories, evoking emotions, and building connections. By merging the prowess of the Elementor page builder with a design philosophy rooted in clarity, simplicity, and elegance, Jixic offers creative professionals a canvas that’s as expansive as their aspirations.

Change log

2024-05-27 - version 1.7
1) PHP version 8.2.4 Compatibility issues are fixed.
2) All Plugins are up to date.
2023-10-19 - version 1.6
1) All Plugins are up to date.

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