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There’s no denying that Elementor has revolutionized the WordPress design landscape, offering unparalleled control and creativity right at your fingertips. But what if we told you that you can supercharge this experience, taking your website designs to uncharted territories? Enter “Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Free Download” – the key to unlocking boundless possibilities.

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Your Comprehensive Widget Library

While the standard Elementor package offers an impressive suite of widgets, Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro Nulled takes this to a whole new level. With a vast array of meticulously crafted widgets, you can now access specialized tools tailor-made for diverse niches. From sleek design widgets to those custom-built for WooCommerce, every website type and industry is catered for. No more searching for that “perfect” widget – it’s already in your library!

Custom Widget Creator: Your Playground for Innovation

Tired of being boxed in by pre-designed widgets? Let your creativity run wild with the Custom Widget Creator. This standout feature empowers both developers and the creatively inclined to design their own widgets from scratch. Whether you have a unique design vision or specific functionality in mind, breathe life into your ideas without getting entangled in complex plugin development.

The Pro version of Unlimited Elements is not just about adding more widgets; it’s about smart integrations. If you’re a WooCommerce enthusiast, enjoy a seamless experience with widgets designed to elevate your e-commerce platform. Whether you need product grids, customer reviews, or checkout forms, it’s all just a click away.

Endless Design Possibilities

Imagine a world where you’re not limited by design constraints. With Unlimited Elements Pro Nulled, this is your reality. Dive into a universe of design possibilities with countless layouts, styles, and animations. Whether you’re looking to craft a minimalist blog, a vibrant online store, or a corporate website that exudes professionalism, you’re equipped with the tools to make your vision a reality.

Stay Ahead with Regular Updates

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, staying updated is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. With Unlimited Elements Pro, you’re not just getting a static tool. You’re investing in a dynamic suite that regularly rolls out updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and Elementor, and introducing fresh, contemporary widgets to keep your designs ahead of the curve.

Ease of Use – No Coding Required!

Don’t let the “Pro” tag intimidate you. Unlimited Elements for Elementor Premium is intuitively built, ensuring that both novices and seasoned designers can make the most of its offerings without touching a line of code. Drag, drop, customize, and voila – your masterpiece is ready!

Top-Notch Support & Comprehensive Documentation

Questions? Hiccups? Or simply eager to explore more? Dive into the exhaustive documentation that guides you through every nuance of the plugin. And if you ever hit a roadblock, the dedicated support team is always at the ready to assist, ensuring your design journey remains smooth and enjoyable.

Secure & Optimized for Performance

We understand that performance and security are paramount. That’s why Unlimited Elements Premium is built with clean, optimized code that doesn’t bog down your website. Plus, with regular security updates, you can design with peace of mind, knowing your site is shielded from potential threats.

In the world of Elementor, Unlimited Elements Pro Nulled is not just another add-on; it’s a game-changer. It’s the bridge between your imagination and reality, ensuring that no design dream is too ambitious or intricate. Whether you’re a business owner looking to revamp your online presence, a designer eager to push boundaries, or an agency hunting for that all-in-one design tool, Unlimited Elements for Elementor Pro is your ticket to unparalleled design freedom.

Don’t just design – dazzle, with Unlimited Elements Pro GPL. Your Elementor experience is about to get a whole lot more exciting!


version 1.5.109: 2024-05-29

Plugin Changes:

* Feature: added option to get page views of some post using WPP plugin
* Feature: added option for "show db tables" in troubleshooting
* Fix: fixed form editor form validation, excluded placeholders
* Fix: fixed get filters based on wpml language with post count
* Fix: Fixed some remote connection code items click code
* Fix: Fixed clear all filters button not working bug
* Fix: fixed multisource acf repeater checkboxes type get

Widgets Changes:

* Feature: Email Field (Pro) - Added validation function for the email field to ensure correct email format and improve data accuracy.
* Feature: Number Field (Pro) - ​Introduced the "Disable Calculation in Editor" debug option to prevent the page from crashing or becoming unresponsive when multiple fields are set to calculation mode, enhancing stability during editing.​
* Feature: AJAX Search (Pro) - Added Show Post Image option to enable or disable the display of images in posts, providing more control over post appearance
* Feature: Submit Button (Free) - Added validation function for the email field to ensure correct email format and improve data accuracy.
* Feature: Team Member Card (Free) - Added Icon Size Inner option to adjust the height of the icon itself, providing more precise control over icon dimensions.
* Feature: Slider Field (Pro) - Added Accent Color option to highlight changing value of Slider Field widget.
* Feature: Unlimited Carousel (Pro) - Added option to open images in Lightbox, enhancing the viewing experience with a full-screen display of images.
* Change: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) - Added title as CSS ID for Widgets Items to allow using them as anchors.
* Fix: Mega Menu (Pro) - Fixed issue where the Clickable Link option was disabled but the link was still added, ensuring links are only added when the option is enabled
* Fix: Icon Accordion (Pro) - Fixed issue where Override Color Options were not working, ensuring color customizations are applied correctly.
* Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) - Fixed issue where menu wasn't opening, ensuring proper functionality and user access.
* Fix: Expanding Content Cards (Pro) - Resolved issue where CSS filters were not working in Safari browser, ensuring consistent styling across all browsers.
* Fix: Block Quote Card (Free) - Fixed issue where reserved space was still taken up even when no icon was selected, ensuring proper layout and space utilization.
* Fix: Unfold Content (Pro) - Added support for carousel widgets, enabling enhanced content display through interactive sliding elements.
* Fix: Instagram Feed (Pro) - Added 'aria-label' attribute to links to fix the 'Links do not have a discernible name' error, improving accessibility and compliance with web standards.
* Fix: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) - Fixed issue where URL was changed after page load, ensuring stable and consistent URLs for better navigation and user experience.
* Fix: Age Verification (Pro) - Fixed issue where popup still opened even after cookie was set, ensuring popups respect cookie settings for user preferences.
version 1.5.108: 2024-05-21

Plugin Changes: 

* Feature: update freemius SDK to 2.7.2
* Fix: fixed bug with select filter and active filters widgets
* Fix: fixed bug with several main checkbox filters unselecting
* Fix: Fixed some small security issue

Widget Changes:
* Feature: AJAX Search (Pro) - Added option to search by meta and by terms.
* Feature: Dark Mode (Free) - Introduced 'Do not affect SVG' option to prevent SVG images from inverting when toggling dark mode, ensuring correct image display.
* Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) - Added Button Hover Animation option to enable animations when hovering over button, enhancing interactivity and visual appeal.
* Feature: Load More / Infinite Scroll (Pro) - Added Icon Position option, allowing users to customize the placement of icons for better design flexibility.
* Feature: Woo Product Grid (Pro) - Added "Show Only Lowest Variable Price" option to display only the lowest price for variable products, enhancing price visibility and simplicity for users.
* Fix: Dynamic Post Popup (Pro) - Fixed Navigation Arrows functionality issue when Animation option was enabled, ensuring smooth and consistent navigation experience.
* Fix: Dynamic Popup Button (Pro) - Added suppot for Loop Carousel widget with enabled Loop option.
* Fix: Woo Mini Cart (Pro) - Fixed widgets behaviour for Shop pages when page name is different then default.
* Fix: Icon Tabs (Pro) - Provided a fix that ensures Icon Tabs widget changing Active Tab after click event.
* Fix: Unlimited Google Maps (Pro) - get it work on the template switcher
* Fix: Fullscreen Menu (Free) - Fixed issue where Menu widget wouldn't open properly when nested within sticky parent containers, ensuring smooth functionality and user experience.
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