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(v2.8.2.1) Beaver Builder Agency Free Download v1.7.15.3

Beaver Builder Agency: Empowering Web Designers with Seamless Creativity

The expansive world of web design, efficiency, creativity, and user-friendly interfaces are paramount for professionals seeking to bring their visions to life. Beaver Builder Agency Nulled emerges as a powerful tool, designed to empower web designers and agencies by offering a seamless and intuitive platform for crafting stunning websites. Let’s delve into the key features and advantages that make Beaver Builder Agency a standout solution for those in the business of building exceptional online experiences.

Innovative Drag-and-Drop Interface

Beaver Builder Agency is renowned for its innovative drag-and-drop interface, setting the stage for effortless website creation. This user-friendly system eliminates the need for complex coding, enabling designers to intuitively place elements and customize layouts with unparalleled ease. The drag-and-drop interface not only expedites the design process but also empowers designers of varying skill levels to bring their creative visions to fruition.

Seamless Integration with WordPress Platform

One of the notable strengths of Beaver Builder Agency lies in its seamless integration with the WordPress platform. The plugin effortlessly integrates into the familiar WordPress environment, allowing designers to enhance their websites without the need for extensive technical know-how. This integration ensures a cohesive and streamlined workflow for web designers and agencies using WordPress as their content management system.

Flexible Content Modules for Dynamic Designs

Beaver Builder Agency offers a rich array of flexible content modules that cater to diverse design needs. From text and images to sliders, testimonials, and more, these content modules provide the building blocks for crafting dynamic and visually appealing pages. Designers have the flexibility to experiment with different combinations, ensuring that each website stands out with unique and engaging content layouts.

Responsive Design for Cross-Device Compatibility

In the era of diverse devices, responsive design is non-negotiable. Beaver Builder Agency Nulled understands this necessity and ensures that the websites created with its platform are inherently responsive. Whether viewed on desktops, tablets, or smartphones, websites built with Beaver Builder Agency maintain their visual appeal and functionality, contributing to a positive user experience across all devices.

Theme Compatibility and Customization

Beaver Builder Agency seamlessly integrates with a wide range of themes, providing designers with the flexibility to choose a theme that aligns with their project requirements. Additionally, the platform allows for extensive theme customization, enabling designers to fine-tune the appearance of their websites to match specific branding guidelines or design preferences. This compatibility and customization feature ensures that Beaver Builder Agency is adaptable to a variety of design scenarios.

Collaborative Workspaces for Agency Efficiency

Recognizing the collaborative nature of agency work, Beaver Builder Agency offers collaborative workspaces where multiple team members can contribute to the design process. This collaborative feature streamlines communication and project management within agencies, fostering a more efficient and cohesive work environment. Designers, developers, and content creators can seamlessly collaborate to bring a unified vision to life.

Regular Updates for Ongoing Excellence

To stay ahead of evolving web design trends and WordPress updates, Beaver Builder Agency is committed to regular plugin updates. This dedication ensures ongoing compatibility, security, and performance enhancements. Regular updates also provide users with access to the latest features, ensuring that Beaver Builder Agency remains a cutting-edge and reliable solution for web designers and agencies.

In Conclusion: Beaver Builder Agency Redefining Web Design Dynamics

Beaver Builder Agency Free Download stands as a dynamic and comprehensive solution for web designers and agencies seeking to elevate their design capabilities. With its innovative drag-and-drop interface, seamless integration with WordPress, flexible content modules, responsive design, theme compatibility, collaborative workspaces, and commitment to regular updates, Beaver Builder Agency redefines the dynamics of web design. As the demand for visually stunning and user-friendly websites continues to grow, Beaver Builder Agency remains a valuable asset for professionals aiming to bring creativity and efficiency to the forefront of their web design endeavors.

Changelog – 05/08/2024


  • Security: Add sanitization when echoing class (#3372)
  • Fix fatal error when copying and pasting settings with nested forms when the multiple attribute set to false (#3364)
  • Rank Math: Fix fatal error with versions with AI (#3360)
  • Search Module: Add excerpt option when displaying AJAX search results (#3361) – 04/24/2024


  • Security: Use esc_attr on link target in link fields to prevent XSS (#3353)
  • Fix dimension field styling when there is not a unit option (#3340)
  • Legacy UI: Fix nodes hidden on a breakpoint hidden for all breakpoints when in Responsive Editing Mode (#3341
  • Revert fix for Slideshow module not displaying when using default themes (#2967) – 04/18/2024


  • Fix submenu delay closing other menus (#3349)

2.8.1 – 04/17/2024


  • Improved BB Settings Export/Import to use serialization to fix various bugs when importing. Prior exports will not work with the new system. (#3283)
  • Box Module now requires WordPress version 5.2+. Versions below 5.2 will not see the Box Module in the UI (#3226)


  • New keyboard shortcut Shift+R to toggle through breakpoints in reverse order (#3159)
  • Menu Module: add new filters fl_builder_menu_toggle_button and fl_builder_menu_toggle_button to the render-toggle-button function allowing manipulation of the nav element for the flyout menu (#2958)
  • Add delay to overlay submenus to ensure they don’t close too quickly (#3309)
  • Add vh as a unit to Box Module fields (#3325)
  • Add new toggles in Advanced Settings to include BB Theme and WordPress theme colors to color pickers (#3328)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Row overlay menu icons when the row is at the top of the page and visibility options are used (#2883)
  • Disable the Outline Panel for roles with restricted editing to avoid unauthorized permissions (#2924)
  • Fix the Slideshow Module not displaying when using some default WordPress themes (#2967)
  • Adjust styling for links in our alert modals (#3179)
  • Fix editing Popups created by Pop-Up Maker when the pop-ups are disabled (#3292)
  • Fix linear gradient not working properly when Small Data Mode is enabled (#3285)
  • Fix modules dropped below a Box Module ending up in the wrong place (#3302)
  • Text Editor Module: Adjust styling so the link search box is not covered (#3304)
  • Box Module: Fix overlay on modules that overflow (#3309)
  • Fix Typography font size slider not using the proper steps (#3266)
  • Fix nested form fields not live previewing when added or duplicated (#3336)
  • Fix Rows not appearing in the Saved Tab of the Content Panel when editing a template (#3288)
  • Posts Module: Fix post alignment problem when using scroll pagination (#204)


  • Ensure that JS needed for upgrades/downgrades only loads where needed (#3299) – 04/01/2024


  • Fix XSS issue in Button & Button Group Modules when using lightbox (#3306) – 03/20/2024


  • Fix a JS error when saving Global Settings if Row Shapes are disabled (#3284)
  • Fix various drag and drop issues with container modules (#3290)
  • Fix dropping saved columns into the main layout causing a fatal error (#3290)
  • Various builder and overlay improvements (#3278)
  • Fix global modules rendering twice when dropping in a new row (#3290)
  • Fix nested box modules in the main layout having zero margins when box modules are present in a Themer layout (#3264) – 03/19/2024


  • Fix a fatal error when using BB Lite (#3286) – 03/13/2024


  • Security: Fix Authenticated(Contributor+) Stored Cross-Site Scripting via module container elements (#3240)
  • Add move action to the parent menu (#3256)
  • Fix not being able to open columns settings in parent menu when editing a Global Row (#3229)
  • Fix gradient for row background failing when using a Global Color (#3252)
  • Fix not being able to use flyout menu with small columns (#3258)
  • Fix JS error in outline panel with nodes like column groups that have no settings (#3262)
  • Fix the rare issue of null for a module instance (#3253) – 03/06/2024


  • Fix spacing not being correct on mobile (#3246)
  • UI: Fix flyout menu for nodes overlapping for the mobile Breakpoint (#3248)
  • UI: Make dropzone for Box module larger (#3190)
  • PopUp Maker Integration: Fix content being missing when logged out (#3217)
  • Icon Module: Fix shortcode in URL field not working when displaying text with the icon (#3231) – 02/29/2024


  • Fix moving nodes in FireFox requiring a click after drag and drop (#3191)
  • Fix Global Styles menu option showing when using an incompatible version of Themer (#3202)
  • Fix upgrading/downgrading from License tab in WP Admin settings stalling(#3181)
  • Fix Box Module settings not opening if used in a global saved row or column (#3173)
  • Fix PHP warning with PHP 8.3 if Themer is active(#3160)
  • Fix default padding for rows and columns not working at the small breakpoint(#3172)
  • Performance: Fix deleting a parent node causing a request for each child (#3204)
  • Fix preview issue with Box module presets (#3167)
  • Tweak previous link field fixes to auto-sanitize link field input to protect against XSS(#3175)
  • Add fixes for CPTs using core taxonomy not showing in Themer location options (#3215)
  • Reworked parent select menu to show actions for each node (#3212)
  • Fix issues with UI when WP Widgets are disabled or when moving a module that has been disabled (#3219)

Beaver Builder Version 2.8 – 02/09/2024


  • Fix shortcodes not rendering properly in link fields

Beaver Themer Plugin – 01/18/2024

Hot Fix

  • Fix a fatal error when connecting an ACF gallery field using Post Custom Field (#871)
  • Fix a fatal error in pre_kses when content is not a string (#871)
  • Fix a strip_tags() deprecated notice with post:terms_list when taxonomy does not exist (#872)

Beaver Builder Theme – 04/11/2024


  • Fix submenu indicator not working when FontAwesome plugin is active (#378) – 02/27/2024


  • Fix a fatal error if you are using BB 2.8 and have no Global Colors set (#374) – 02/27/2024


  • Adjust method to add theme colors to JSON to prevent missing options in the Block Editor(#371) – 12/20/2023


  • Fix node CSS/JS code check applying to the HTML module (#3066) – 12/15/2023


  • Fix gradients not displaying at all breakpoints (#3060)

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