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Cost Calculator Builder PRO GPL | Cost Calculator Builder PRO Free Download is a premium WordPress plugin designed to help website owners create and integrate cost calculators on their websites. While I can’t provide real-time information about the specific plugin, here are some common features and benefits that similar plugins generally offer:

Free Download


  1. Drag-and-Drop Interface: Most of these plugins offer a drag-and-drop interface to allow easy creation and editing of cost calculators.
  2. Customizable Fields: Create various types of input fields such as text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown lists, etc.
  3. Conditional Logic: Enables you to set up conditions that modify the behavior of the calculator based on user input.
  4. Real-time Calculations: Instantly calculate costs and estimates as the user modifies their input.
  5. Multi-Step Forms: Break down complex calculations into simpler steps for a better user experience.
  6. Integrations: Often integrates with other tools or platforms like WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, or email marketing services.
  7. Templates: Pre-designed calculator templates for various industries like construction, services, bookings, etc., that can be customized as needed.
  8. Mobile Responsiveness: Works seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: Helps users get an immediate estimate of the cost of a product or service, thereby improving engagement and user satisfaction.
  2. Lead Generation: Can be configured to capture contact information for future marketing efforts.
  3. Reduced Workload: Automates the quotation process, freeing up time and resources for other tasks.
  4. Higher Conversion: By providing immediate cost estimates, such tools can often help improve conversion rates.
  5. Easy to Update: Change prices, variables, or logic easily without having to recode the calculator.

Common Uses

  1. Service Quotations: Useful for businesses that offer customizable services like marketing, home renovation, or legal services.
  2. Product Configurator: Helps customers choose different components or features for a product and see how it affects the overall cost.
  3. Booking Systems: For hotels, restaurants, or any other booking-based business to show varying prices based on selected dates, times, or other factors.
  4. Finance and Loan Calculators: For financial institutions to provide an easy way to estimate loan amounts, interest, etc.
  5. Shipping Costs: E-commerce websites can utilize such calculators to offer shipping cost estimates.
  6. Educational Purposes: To teach mathematical concepts or any other subject that requires cost or value estimations.
Free Download

Before purchasing or installing Cost Calculator Builder PRO Nulled, it’s advisable to check compatibility with your WordPress theme and other plugins. Always backup your website before installing new plugins and make sure to read user reviews and documentation for any issues or tips.



May 13, 2024


  • Added a new Validated Form element.


  • Distance is displayed in the email when paying via Contact Form 7.


  • Empty Geolocation element with Multiple locations option is shown in Email, PDF and Orders even if Zero Values setting is turned off.
  • Title Geolocation with Multiple locations option in Repeater has indentation when downloading from PDF.
  • The Geolocation with Multiple locations option does not display radio in the Geolocation with Multiple locations option if the location is incomplete.
  • After applying Set location/set location & disable, map is not displayed on mail, PDF, Orders, or Send quote when used with the Multiple locations option.
  • Small bug fixes.

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